16-28 July 2024

On the North side of Lake Balaton in the small historical village of Barnag in Hungary.

An intensive residency designed for artists interested in combining equine studies and visual arts. We are looking for artists interested in horse culture, as well as riders interested in art. The work will include daily practice and lessons of horsemanship, equestrian archery, anatomically correct riding. Discussions and lectures will be held with the main focus on fine art research. The program is running since almost ten years in a series for years to come and is centered around different research themes. This summer we will focus on the sacral aspects of the horse-human relationship in art. Guest lecturers will be invited, excursions will be organised. A final exhibition will be made open to the public in our Riding Arena Gallery. We are open for artistic practices coming from both, western and eastern traditions.

Dr. Szmrecsányi-Veszely Beáta is an artist and researcher and her husband, Szmrecsányi Márton is a horse trainer and horsearcher. Both are dedicated to research the knowledge of old riding masters and the history of equine imagery in art.

In rural life settings is offered in traditional Hungarian style yurts with an optional possibility staying in our 19th century farmhouse.

In Barnag are centered around a 19th century farm, the home of the Szmrecsányi family neighbouring a National Park. There is an outside arena, a newly built inside arena, which includes an exhibition space. There is an official Original Kassai System track. There is a communal kitchen and dining room and art studios for making work.

Eight horses owned by the Szmrecsányi family. All horses are started with natural horsemanship and trained academically.

Please only apply if you are interested in both: art and equine studies, if you are happy to try rural living and if you are open for discussions with others.
For an application form please write an email of interest to Szmrecsányi-Veszely Beáta at info@horseandart.hu.
The application deadline is 31. March 2024.
All applications will be carefully viewed and upto 10 people will be selected.

For more information please email us.