Kunsthalle / Műcsarnok, Budapest
Curated by Keserü Katalin

" Our idea of existing in the universe - its sensation, awareness and state - could be concieved in nature. And while we feel the largeness of space, we forget about time - which man constructs based on his own days and movements, disregarding that time for other beings or entities might be based on other foundations - or time slows down. Slow motion suggestes a different existentce, one in time and space that seems infinite. ... Bea Veszely correlates human lifetime with discovering nature. Her second video installation presents a horse on 3 x 4 hours of footage recorded from three angles. During this time nothing 'happens': viewers can see the tiny stirs on the horse's skin, ears and eyes - its calmness. The process of becoming familiar with something is shifted from the conscious-conceptual to the emotional-sensuous plane: the viewer identifiey with the object he is observing. this reinterprets what being in nature means: instead of being an onlooker, the viewer can become a participants of nature, breaking out from the conventional timeframe and blending in with nature, revoking our distinguished role of presiding over other beings of nature."

Keserü Katalin, Nature art - with and without a definition - in Hungary