The international artist residency of the Horse and Art Research Program
9-21 July 2023

Wendy Babcox (US)
Shelly Barron (SA)
Sasha Chadburn (SA)
Yoko Ichikawa (Japan)
James Keay-Bright (UK)
Desiree Meijer (Holland)
Heather Meyer (US)
Gabrielle Nelson (US)
Julie Sleaford (UK)

Studio practice, seminars, lectures, training, playing and healing with horses, riding, archery, excursions, dinners together, film nights and lots of discussion were in focus in this year's two weeks of HARP program.

Guest lecturer was Tóth Betti, equine ethologyst.

We opened the studios for a wider audience and an exhibition opening was held on the 15th of July in the Arena Gallery (Lovarda Galéria).

At the private view HARP participating artists showed a performance and then Sasha Chadburn was singing while she played the guitar.

The event was part of the Open Day of the Szmrecsányi Kánság team.
Members and students of the Kassai Horsearchery School Szmrecsányi Kánság association made a horsearchery show.

Hungarian folk music was performed by Navratil Andrea, Demeter László and Legeza Márton.

The event was supported by the Magyar Művészeti Akadémia (Hungarian Academy of Arts).