1-14 August 2019

PROGRAM an intensive two weeks program for artists, who use drawing in their studio practice and where drawing can be interpreted widely. They experiment with different kinds of materials and techniques, while they aim to create a close relationship with nature as well as they are open for the world of horses. During the program we held riding, archery or horsearchery trainings daily from the beginner to the more advanced level. We studied the behaviour of horses in their natural enviroment. We held discussions and talks, while we were focusing on horse-studies and the relationship between horses and art. The program at the summer of 2019 was the 6th. and we plan to continue and develope the project in years to come.

HARP is focusing each year on a different subject in relation to horses. We experimented with equine printmaking, in a historical and in a contemporary context. We were looking for artists, who are open for conceptual experimentation and also for the use of traditional techniques. We organised excursions, out of them the most important professionally was the one to Budapest, where we visited the racecourse of Kincsem Park. We also visited in the old quintal house the monumental sculpture studios, where the large (larger than lifesize) classical equine sculpture was the central theme. The group also made a joint piece of work together. Each participating artist made bodyprints of a horse in clay and terracotta. These abstract, but also naturalist small statuettes were then fired into ceramics. At the end of the program we opened the studios for the public and we organized an exhibition from the works made at the residency. 

Shona Jones (UK)
Liz Cleves (US)
Anouk Van Hooydonk (B)
Laura Darlington (US)
Becky Ip (US)
Isobel Milton (UK/UAE)
Madeline Rollins (US)
Ekaterina Vanovskaja (USR/US)
Pamela Vigo Sanchez (US)

An article by Király Éva, Lovas Nemzet (Horse Nation), September 2019, page 13.