DATES  29. July - 11. August 2017.

PROGRAM an intensive program designed for artists, who are interested in combining equine studies and visual arts. We were looking for artists interested in horse culture, as well as riders interested in art. Both weeks included daily practice and lessons of horsemanship, horsearchery, anatomically correct riding. Discussions and lectures were held with the main focus on fine art research and equine studies. The 2017 program was the third in a series for years to come. HARP is centered around different research themes each year.  This summer we were focusing on printmaking in postcontemporary art. We think, postcontemporary is important, because it can solve problems, which contemporary can not. We would experimented with printmaking in relation to horses both in a historical and in a (post)contemporary context. We were looking for artists, who are open for conceptual experiments using traditional techniques. Professional supervision was at hand, it was not necessary to have previous experience with printmaking. Copper engraving, etching, woodcut, linocut could be printed. Guest lecturers were invited, excursions were organised and an exhibition was organised at the end of the residency at our new HARP barn gallery.

AIM was to deliver our interest into the field of international artistic research with opening up connections between equine culture and art. We would like to rethink art today in relation to horsemanship and riding in an environment for research in which ideas are challenged. We would also like to make connections between artists coming from the West and the East, HARP is open for artistic practice and riding styles coming from both, western and eastern traditions.

PROGRAM LEADERS Veszely Beáta is an artist and researcher and Szmrecsányi Márton is a horse trainer and horsearcher. Both are dedicated to research the knowledge of old riding masters, the history of equine imagery in art and to develop their riding naturally, academically as well as classically. Guest lecturer in 2017 is american artist, Mark Ritchie, Professor in Printmaking at the College of Arts and Sciences at the Univesity of Wyoming, USA.

Jitendra Baoni (India), Liz Cleaves (USA), Louisa Giffard (Australia), Lara Jese (Slovenia, Schwitzerland), Kate Klingbell (USA), Emilia Olsen (USA),  Jennifer Pleydon (USA), Mark Ritchie (USA), Karin Victorin (Sveden)

Louisa Giffard: HARP program beszámolója, 2017. augusztus
Szendi Péter: Lovak a művészetben, Veszprémi Napló, 2017. augusztus 22.
Király Éva: Nyomtassuk le Arabellt! Lovas Nemzet 2017. szeptember
Liz Cleaves: Artist residency in Barnag, Hungary