We learned the antient saying from Kassai Lajos, that is "keep animals by their nature". We believe in the importance of this prime act and we keep our horses free and in a stud. Our primary consideration is the well-being, health and happiness of our horses. We aim to develop ourselves and to train our horses to the highest level possible. For the training of the horses we are using classical principles, and what classical here actually means is part of our continuous research.

Paralell to the practice, theory has also an important part within our teaching and training. It is our intention to reach a healthy and strong unity of horse and rider, and to live through the Centaur feeling. It is important to us, that students create a good relationship with horses from the ground, before sitting on their backs. To create partnership, this kind of communication is fundamental. Students has the opportunity to practice with horses trained on different levels, with foals as well as with older, well-trained horses. Our horses differ not only in age, but also in breed and temperament: Shagya Arab, Hungarian half-blood, English thoroughbred, Hungarian sport horse (Kisbéri félvér). It is a significant part of the training to gain experiences in tracking, to take the horses for excursions (when we lead the horses in the forest without sitting on their backs), schooling in the arena, to prepare for competitions, as well as for horse shows. 

Regarding the equipment, we use as little amount of equipments, as possible. This is consciously done so. We do not use bits and for the training of the horses we use riding pad without stirrups. The primary aid is the seat. The seat of the beginners is developed bareback. Saddle is used only after the rider has achieved a safe seat.