One of the most beautiful small villages of the Balaton-Upperland in Western Hungary is the village of Barnag. The first notes of the village remained from 1082. The village was assets firstly of the Kinizsis, later of the Zichy family. A number of families settled in Barnag from South Germany in the 18th century and locals distinct two parts of the village, German- and Hungarian Barnag until today. Behind the Saint Martin church, a beautiful calvary was built, protected by the Hungarian Heritage. The paintings in the calvary were remade by Somogyi Győző, Kossuth Prize winner Hungarian artist. A dirtroad is leading from the village through the land of the Natural Heritage Park to the Zádor vár, ruins of a fort from the middle ages, which can be a lovely excursion for tourists. Barnag has 120 residents and one main street. It is situated ca. 15 minutes by car from the university town of Veszprém, from Lake Balaton, from Balatonfüred, from Tihany Penninsula, one of the favorit holiday locations of Hungarians and tourists coming from abroad.

A 19. century small holding with its stables, grazer and medows are owned by the Szmrecsányi family and their sport association. Next to the small orchard, traditional yurts are placed. We have an official horsearchery track and an outside arena. We keep our horses free in stud, an open stable and a 40 hectare land with forest and park land is available for them all day long. We are constantly working on renovating our old buildings, where we can offer possibilities for the different kinds of activities during training camps and artistic practices. The Balaton-Upperland National Park, which is wellknown for its special bird life, rich wild life and park land is situated right next to our land, in our neighbourhood, offering us the possibilities for tracking and special trainings in cross-country. We are working on a large renovation project at present and we plan to open it to the public our renewed center for riding and horsearchery in the Spring of 2021.

Accommodation in rural life settings is offered in simple Hungarian style yurts. There are two bathrooms and a summer kitchen available for the participants, as well as a large old barn, where we hold our discussions, talks and lectures. Summer studios and a printmaking workshop is ready for the artists to use. We can accommodate upto 10 people for a program. In the attick of the renovated old barn building we created two guest rooms with a view to the garden, One of the rooms has its own studio space, ideal to work in.